How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Price Range

Ever wonder how to go about choosing the right photographer, finding one in your price range, or why it can be worth it to spend a little extra $$$?  Good. These are the most important questions to ask yourself before selecting a photographer. Here, we will look at  how to find a photographer that fits your budget, as well as couple reasons why it might be a good idea to pay a little extra for that dream photographer.

First off, you're not going to find a better photographer for portraits or commercial branding in Los Angeles than me. If you want someone that will listen to what you want, take care of your needs, have a quality product that's unique to you and timeless, I'm your gal. If not, let's find the right one for you. 

   Image Source: Cloro Gargano  copyright 2016

 Image Source: Cloro Gargano copyright 2016

The most important thing to look at when choosing a photographer is their portfolio. Does this photographers style match the photos you've drempt up in your head, or even better, can that photographer go beyond your dreams? Are you looking to have beautiful stylized fine art portraits? Or, do you prefer standardized cheapy-a-la-creepy photos from some corporation; one that cares only about your money and sub-par quality products?! Great! Let's get started!

If you are not on a budget, it is easy to pick that dream photographer. If you have the money, time, and resources, really anything is possible.  I believe that a lot of time when it comes to photography, the average client is not making a gazillion dollars. So, what do you do? Meet in the middle. I've spent a little time in my life working for said companies like Lifetouch, the Picture People, etc. The first thing either of these companies do is strip any quality photographer of the knowledge and style they have acquired, and make them follow a cheesy company standard.

Why? Because it works. It's safe. It's relatively inexpensive, and everybody's happy. Right? Wrong. How many times have you or your kids looked back at that awful school photo and laughed your arse off because they were so bad? To me, spending money on a half-assed product is a waste of time, money, and resources. It's available no doubt, I'm just saying, if you are gonna throw down a couple hundred on a shoot, why not throw and extra $50 in there and get some quality work going.

The key concept to understand when to find a photographer in your price range is this. Y'all humans are gonna get what you pay for. That right, I said it. The less expensive the photographer, the more likely the quality of work and experience will suffer. Of course there are other factors going into this such as target market, CODB, and other things that you can learn about here.

So, when should you think about spending a little more on photography? ALWAYS. Aren't these memories supposed to be cherished forever.?  When using a professional photographer, find the one you want and save up to get the one you deem worthy. Why waste money on a, "pardon my French", half-assed product, when you could have something special and unique to you? Keeping something forever? Make it a priority to get something special. 

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P.s. Go check out the super talented Cloro Gargano. Milan based, general bad-ass, art chick, illustrator. Check out and get her book here and follow her illustrations on Instagram @super_weird_and_me