Photographers You Should Check Out Right Now. Like, RN.

New segment where I'll be giving you some of my favorite photographers to check out.

So, 5 photographer you should check out rn. Like, RN.

Let's kick off with some of my favourites:

1. Sally Mann - Very powerful black and white portrait images. Most images are of her children, considered a lot of times to be controversial, Sally Mann has created an untouchable world of beauty and chaos. In a lot of her work her children are depicted nude, thus the controversy, however I believe she approached it in a way that is not only tasteful but beautiful. I find that the nudity is not depcted in a sexual way, more simply it just is. Take it for what it is and really look at what she is trying to capture.

2.  Mary Ellen Mark - Documentary style photographer. Beautiful, gritty images met with excellence both in exposure as well as composition. Sadly, no longer with us, I believe that her work will live on forever, in my life and heart. Iconic, to say the least, Mary Ellen Mark shot for Life magazine among many other projects. 

3.  Elinor Carruci - Carruci is also a documentary style photographer. Her series often contain images of her home life. So wonderfully executed, almost dream like but the emotion is real and you find yourself at home with someone else's reality. 

4. Richard Avedon - Fashion Iconic. Portrait Artist - All around amazing. Images gritty, telling, and beautiful. Really pushes the limits of what portraits can be in a simple way. I believe he had an understanding of capturing a real intense moment. Just phenomenal. 

5.  Lori Nix - This artist is a little different. A little more fun. Nix is known for her miniature sets, built with such dedication and detail, and lit in just the right way. The images she captures of her magic sets are just incredibly breathtaking. 


Take a look, I'll have some new artist coming at you in the next week or so. Hope you have a great day. Enjoy.  :)